Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hi all!
It's been weeks since I've last updated my blog.
Internet-less at home, no blog-hopping, no nothing.
Still smiling though.


These are the reasons for not blogging.....
I have a good one okay!

1. Just when I thought I'd be updating more on my recent trip, my computer went insane again! Yes again, and again! Huhu :(

2. I've been busy with work. Or should I say life?

3. I've started videoke-ing (it means karaoke in Malaysia) again! Wheee ! And lil bit of dancing to get that happy-go-lucky mood along! Yeah, haven't get enough of that Rainforest World Music Festival thingy yet! Haha ;p

4. I just received my CPU back & I am currently still trying to finish tons of editing pictures. All I need is a bit more time.

And on a different general note,
There are times when we feel that we don't belong in that certain community anymore.
They only come to you when you are somebody.
But left you when you are nobody.
Even the one who were close enough could be ripped apart.
I am not surprised.
I am not amazed.

Just because....

till the next update!


Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Land of Hornbill's trip (1)

(here's the long awaited post for those waiting for it)

It was a pretty nice morning to start off with. That I coud not deny. Was it me or just the weather? Probably the reason I had a good night sleep the day before & here I got to admit that I was kind of pretty excited for my first time trip to Kuching, Sarawak.

Dad sent us to the airport with Aunty R* to the airport that particular day.
Saw a couple of blogger friends waiting to board on the same airplane at the airport terminals.
Amie, Impedius & sister and Julian & Fara were there too!

Fast forward to the time we board on the AirAsia flight.
Yes....Everyone Can Fly! these days...

Wanting to try & see the improvement of their in-flight meals, I decided to order the Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak as usual. The food looks a bit better than the last time I ate one. And this time around, it's hot & fresh. But still compared to the ones on the menu, it does not look that presentable. Got to say that the chicken curry tasted great though! Heehe :)

My meal !


Day 1
Kuching City

We've finally landed at the airport. Got in a taxi & straight to my cousin's place at CLPark. Minutes after putting our luggage, we decided to go around & look for what the Cat City has to offer!

Jalan-jalan time....
This is where we had our meal again.

Tun Jugah shopping centre

What I had....

Fried Rice With Fried Chicken Mamak Style!
Hot & Spicy! Pedas gilerrrr....
Still nyaman bah! :)


Just opposite the Tun Jugah was this building.

Sarawak Plaza.
You will get to see the Coffee Bean outlet at the main entrance of it.
Here's where you can get your internet connection for free.


The view captured from the main entrance.
Those buildings are hotels, offices & shopping complexes nearby.


After that we hop on the taxi to......

in Jalan Song

While searching for a suitable cage for my cousin's Jack Russell dog,
guess who I met?

The white dog outside the pet store.
I think it's the store owner's pet. It just stood & sit there obediently.
It did not even bark at us when we were passing through.

And saw this little furry friend inside!

SoO adorable, I miss my Bambi the minute I saw this!
Cute right? *gerigitan-ness*
Haha :p


This is exactly how the shop lots looks like.

I simply love the architectural & the building of this.

While walking through each of the stalls,
All I can see is the lovely sky above.

Along the streets of Jalan Song, there's beautiful houses to see.
Big and Luxurious they call it.

And to my realization......
The day is almost over.

Before we left my cousin's place, another uncle of mine, Uncle C* & fiancee came to fetch us and took us for a drink at Simply Deep cafe. Over almost midnight talks & glasses of drinks, we head down to Tabuan Laru, where 2 sleepyheads called their home for 2 days.

End of Day 1


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hey I'm back! :)

I have returned from the Land of Hornbill during late hours the other day. Yeah, thanks to AirAsia. I arrived home safely and  eventhough the flight got delayed, the hours of waiting felt like nothing because of my camwhoring session in between the airport terminals! Ahaks :P

I am back to my usual routine. Super duper exhausted. Apart from the RWMF trip, yesterday day trip  haven't got myself recovered yet. Oh and I Started working today.  What the heck! Realitybites.

Had a great time in Sarawak! The event was oh-sO-awesome!
And while I am there....
1.I think I got my skin tone a lil bit darker.
2. My appetite is rising these days & I am not surprise IF I gained weight at all. Plus the food there is quite cheap and reasonable!
3.Fallen in love with the Santubong/Damai place! Heehe ;)

I've got sOo much to say & share here but I'm afraid I have to get back about it some other time!
Stay tuned for it!


With love,

Thursday, 10 July 2008

In just few moments away, this is where I am heading.....

YabadabedoOooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I might not be blogging for a few days while I'm away in my neighbouring state. I'll be PC-less...Can you imagine that? Unless Yes there is such word....If my hands gets a lil itch to do so! Haha :P Owh well, there's always something more to look forward to! Hee :) I'll be back even before you knew it. Hope to meet new people along this journey & hopefully I can see bunch of bloggers I haven't met face-to-face. And international music that I heart! ;)

I'll be updating with pictures of it soon.
When I'm back that is.

p/s: to BabyV jan sedih k. later i'll try to bring something back for u. xoxo cuzzy! :)

till then.....


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sitting here typing at this hour is quite rare for me.

There are like tons & heaps of house chores need to be done.  Cloths waiting in line to get into the washing machine. Dust & rubbish  to be taken away. What's that pile of books, magazines, artistic tools & stuffs lying on the floor? There are just messing up my head right now. But am just glad I can finally sit down & resume blogging today.  For the past few days, helping out with my brother's art project is driving me insane! It is so nerve wrecking not getting enough amount of sleep! And it's been too long since I last had my sleeping-at-4 a.m kind of pattern.  It's even worst when you're a working person like me. Thank goodness it's over!

And yes, I'm officially off from work starting today. As in for tomorrow's journey that is! WeehoO! :)

But I haven't decided what to pack yet!
Oh, nOo!

And on a un-related note
for those who love music as I do....
Upcoming gigs !



Ok, ok I need to get somethings done.
Will blog again later.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

I haven't been updating that much have I?
You guys should have noticed by now. Sorry!
I haven't got the time to actually update a decent blog entry.
And since my post will get oh-so-random everytime, I've decided to leave it untitled instead. Better right? ;)

And I am thinking of changing my layout again once I can squeeze some time to do it!
Heehe ;p

SoO, what's happening around Malaysia in the local music scenes these days?

Besides those oh-not-interesting political issues that is. Haha :P
If you're around Kuala Lumpur, you would not want to miss this....

fans of

head down to

@ RuuMs, KL
6th July 2008
ToMorrow !
3.00 p.m


and I am sOo wanna get this

Yes, everything featuring them I'll get it.

Sound's crazy but...
I love them ! Ekeke xD

Have you guys heard their new single 'Yang Pernah' & saw the video clip?

Andy, Rich, Hanafi & Din.....
I Miss Hanging Out With You Guys!

ESTRANGED still rocks!! :))


I am so so EXCITED for this event!
A fun filled week happening
Can't wait to get out from the office
& off from work!
Well who doesnt? Right?

Who else is going?
Are you?


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

(randomness post without pictures)

first of all....

Allow me to welcome the month of July.

HeLL-oO July !
and of course with lots, and lots of SMile :)

Please make this a better month & I bet it's going to be an interesting one! Filling things, everyday with colours of rainbow and a brighter sunny weather to make me shine.  To make things even better, I'll be glad to share it with everyone surrounding me & spreading the love for we might not know what's ahead of us, Tomorrow. Might as well appreciate what we have Today before it's vanishes away.  *free hugs for everyone* lovelove ;)

And you know what?

I think it's not a good idea... 

1) to watch Asian Food Channel during late nights cause it will only make me feel hungry again though I've had my dinner already earlier on.  " No, snacking during late hours! " I reminded myself while helping out with my brother's art project. temptation, temptation....

2) to listen to endless love songs right now. slow songs are meant to be relaxing. i know. butbutBUT it makes me want to sleep this minute.  

hence I should stop blogging at this hour.
just wanna say that I'm pretty much Alive ! :)

and don't you think colourful fonts makes a difference?

heehe :)