Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hey I'm back! :)

I have returned from the Land of Hornbill during late hours the other day. Yeah, thanks to AirAsia. I arrived home safely and  eventhough the flight got delayed, the hours of waiting felt like nothing because of my camwhoring session in between the airport terminals! Ahaks :P

I am back to my usual routine. Super duper exhausted. Apart from the RWMF trip, yesterday day trip  haven't got myself recovered yet. Oh and I Started working today.  What the heck! Realitybites.

Had a great time in Sarawak! The event was oh-sO-awesome!
And while I am there....
1.I think I got my skin tone a lil bit darker.
2. My appetite is rising these days & I am not surprise IF I gained weight at all. Plus the food there is quite cheap and reasonable!
3.Fallen in love with the Santubong/Damai place! Heehe ;)

I've got sOo much to say & share here but I'm afraid I have to get back about it some other time!
Stay tuned for it!


With love,