Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My 10 Fav Photos -Tagged by eVon

(A bit late but better than never right? ;p )

Here are 10 of my favourite photos !

Since I had a hard time choosing & I'm just too lazy to arrange according to its ranking, I will leave you guys with it randomly. Let's just say that every picture is a favourite.

Heehe :)


#1 Me playing with reflection at my Pacific Sutera room.

#2 Starbucks with my cuzzy BabyVira

#3 Capturing the moment hanging out with the band Estranged after their Digi Fuyoh performance.

#4 Sisters!

#5 The boys & I at Kg. Tandek

#6 After breakfast at one of Baguio's classic antique hotel.
The place is actually haunted! Yikes! Creepy!

#7 Just cause I look skinny & my hair is kinda long here.

#8 This used to be one of someone's favourite.
Plus, I was in a super duper happy moOd this time!

#9 My big shades! :)

And last but not least....
#10 My 1st picture & meeting with my favourite lead guitarist, sweet Hanafi from Estranged.
Finally after endless SMS-es with the guys. I simply love this pic!
Courtesy from Hanafi's camera. Taken by Din. :))

Okay, that's it from me today!


evon.the.hawtness said...

At last she updated her blog!
I miss you Eudora.
Hahahaha. =]

Eudora said...

Yes, I did! Miss u too eVon! Heehe ;)