Wednesday, 2 July 2008

(randomness post without pictures)

first of all....

Allow me to welcome the month of July.

HeLL-oO July !
and of course with lots, and lots of SMile :)

Please make this a better month & I bet it's going to be an interesting one! Filling things, everyday with colours of rainbow and a brighter sunny weather to make me shine.  To make things even better, I'll be glad to share it with everyone surrounding me & spreading the love for we might not know what's ahead of us, Tomorrow. Might as well appreciate what we have Today before it's vanishes away.  *free hugs for everyone* lovelove ;)

And you know what?

I think it's not a good idea... 

1) to watch Asian Food Channel during late nights cause it will only make me feel hungry again though I've had my dinner already earlier on.  " No, snacking during late hours! " I reminded myself while helping out with my brother's art project. temptation, temptation....

2) to listen to endless love songs right now. slow songs are meant to be relaxing. i know. butbutBUT it makes me want to sleep this minute.  

hence I should stop blogging at this hour.
just wanna say that I'm pretty much Alive ! :)

and don't you think colourful fonts makes a difference?

heehe :)



evon.the.hawtness said...

Yes girl. Colorful fonts do make lots of differences. =]

impedius said...

You're right about the Asian Food Channel! *stomach growls* Gonna go down to visit the fridge now...

p/s: The Sabah Bloggers Gathering official blog is up and running! Check it out. ;-)

Eudora said...

Evon- Heehe ;)
Impedius- Sure I'll check it out! :)