Saturday, 23 August 2008

I have been missing in action in this blogosphere world. Been running here and there but then I haven't got the ideal weight I wanted just yet. So many things to worry about. Sometimes you can't seem to sleep well at night. Having to deal with inconsiderate people is ain't that easy. Don't even try talking to them cause all they do is simply pretend nothing has happened and some ignore the fact that it even exist. Tell me about it. I'm not going to brag about it all over again. There is no used complaining.

I just want to say,

"Thank God for all the hardship, at least it makes me stronger going through each day & learned how to face different types of people in life. And I'm not stupid to kill myself just yet!" Haha ;p

Enough said.


Speaking of my M.I.A here, I have been spending my time reading fashion blogs these days. Those emails I have been getting endlessly this week got me a little tempted and addicted! Not a good thing since I have never been a too much of a shopaholic last time.

While browsing & blog-hopping, I found some cool ones from outside of Malaysia.
And may I say it here that some of it has got me inspired and fascinated.
Surprisingly how it can be, I have turned into a fashion lover.

I have found a new love my dear. A new hobby to start.
Heehe ;)


And on a more brighter note,
Someone I've known for years, not even related but he is like my own brother got married with eventually my long lost relative I don't even know exist! Haha ;p

Attended his wedding just now, I am glad that he finally found his true love!
I am so happy for both lovebirds!

Congrats Mildy & Sabrina! :)


Have a great weekend!
lovelove ;)

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