Saturday, 16 August 2008

(I think this post better be untitled since it tend to get me write about random stuffs. As usual lah.)

Just came from Magellan Sutera Harbour hours ago.

What a day! It's my day! It's exactly 1.36 a.m as I wrote this. I just want to say I've just got a hamper from the lucky draw number 738 ! 15 of August 2008. Although it's officially 16 already. :)

I haven't got the nerve to get this blog updated. Despite me being the busy honey bee, I can tell you that I haven't got that much sleep either. Late night after late night. Call me a racoon, a panda or a batgirl who only sleep in the morning. I think I just save my eye-liner if you know what I mean. And the thing is, I don't feel like blogging cause I have lost 'the' inspiration I had before, seriously & like I've said, sometimes I'm just afraid that things mention here it gets way too personal. Yeah, over-rated and it's no good.

I don't know why but I'm sitting here blogging at late hours where it used to be 'the perfect hour for me'. Listening to the playlist of songs that is-not-mine but never changing taste of music is there. Still. Reminiscene, oh reminiscene!

Life has been good nevertheless I must say.
Sometime's I feel I don't need it but the truth is I do. Like I always did.

Okay, time to get my beauty sleep now and hopefully I could be as beautiful as the rising sun tomorrow when the morning shines!

Oh, wait a sec!
It's morning already lah....Silly me!


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