Saturday, 2 August 2008

It has been usual, normal for me these days. Nothing extraordinaire. It is all about work,work & work. I feel like my social networking life is getting worst.Heehe. Yeah, my life is pretty much a boring one unlike before. Pathetic aye? Work, work and no play? You're asking me? No lah. There's always the travelling plans I look forward to. In or out of the country, it doesn't even matter. The recent trip to the another Borneo area & the day trip to Ranau's fish spa with family is enough. :)

And as I probably mentioned this like a gazillion times already, times passes by so quickly without realizing it. Days are moving fast forward. Too fast, too furious. They say time will heal everything. Will it be? Sometimes I wonder too.

Notice that I have been quiet ? Moment of silence has conquered me & there are things I rather not blog about here publicly. My lips are sealed.


I've been trying to upload some photos but with failure. Stupid connection or whatever makes things difficult for me! Wtf. Wtf. There's like alot of pending blog entries & tags need to be done! Damnit! Excuse me cause I know I don't usually those words here & I'm so pissed off! It's frustrating! Huhuhu :(
Off to read some magazines before I ooze off!

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