Monday, 11 August 2008

The Land of Hornbill's Trip (2.1)

11 July 2008 Friday Kuching, Sarawak 2nd Day

Started off the day with Uncle C* dropped us at Hilton Hotel. My sister and I waited for her friend G* from Miri to come along with us to catch the shuttle bus to the RWMF.

Since it was still early, we decided to have some breakfast first. So we ended up having Mi Kolok Sarawak at a coffee shop across the road where this colourful building is located. But too bad I've accidently deleted the picture of it. *Sigh*

After breakfast, we went roaming around the city.
Morning walk at Waterfront area was lovely!

The Waterfront in Kuching is so clean indeed!

Boat ridw anyone?

Sarawak Plaza & the Cats Statue in front of Holiday Inn

Khatulistiwa Cafe

Some cafe at Waterfront

Initially, we were supposed to board on the shuttle bus earlier.
Being unpredictable, we skipped the workshop instead.
After purchasing the bus tickets at Holiday Inn,
We took the taxi to The Spring while waiting for the next shuttle bus.


The newest shopping mall in Kuching.
The Spring

The Mosque beside The Spring.

There was a Bridal Fair going on....

Honestly, I prefer shopping in my own city of Kota Kinabalu compared to Kuching. We have alot of shopping malls here and plus we have more variety of goods.


Starbucks Coffee, The Spring

If I'm not mistaken, it was only about 6 months since Starbucks outlet has been opened in Kuching when I was there. Being a great fan of coffee and not to mentioned Starbucks itself, I ordered this....

Vanilla Affogato , my favourite! :)
Surprisingly, the lady barrista told me that I was the 1st customer who ordered that! Wow..heehe ;)
And while picking up my drink at the end side of the counter the guy barrista said to me,
" You must have been drinking this for a few years right?"
So I answered,
"Yeah, it's been awhile."
I walked away & smiled.


Sushi King, The Spring

We were not that hungry but we wanted something light for our energy. So we ended here...

Believe it or not, it was my first time here and I never even set my foot in it while I was in KK.
Kesian right?

Can you see someone's trying to capture a nice shot?
Yeah, photography is essential before a meal.
Hee xD

As much I know, most of the people I know adores sushis. Malaysian loves Japanese food & it is certainly one of the famous choice of delicacy here. Might a bit too pricey for some but what important, it is healthy & tasty too. For me, it's worth to indulge something like this once in a while. Don't you agree? ;)

Stay tuned for more updates on this! :)

p/s : Sorry it's a bit late posting this up!



impedius said...

Love the waterfront in Kuching. KK's waterfront seems to be in an upgrading process at the moment. Hopefully something as good as the one in Kuching. ;-)

p/s : Hey, join up the Sabahan Bloggers facebook group. Hope to see you there!

evon.the.hawtness said...

Oh. How i miss the Waterfront so much. I used to go there everything my family and I travelled to Kuching. I miss staring at the hot guys passing around while walking at the waterfront. damn those days. felt so good. hahahaha!! =pp
and they have starbucks now? wow. impressive. :>

Eudora said...

Impedius : Ya, I hope so too! Hee ;)

Evon : Yeah, they have Starbucks now. :)