Sunday, 31 August 2008

My Own Merdeka Time

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! :)

And today also the day where my aunty Velarie got engaged!
Congrats to you & fiance! Sorry can't make it. :)

I got myself up reallyyyyy early this morning. Woke up at 5.30 a.m & I forced, dragged myself out of bed. I had an early day. I haven't been an early riser since I-had-no-clue-damnit-when! Haha ;p So I was pretty surprised & amazed. Early mornings used to be my cup of tea last year. But never ever since. Despite the late nights & early mornings, I don't know how I got through those days. I'm just glad I won't have to anymore. ;)

Speaking of late night, I got pretty late last night & some more too early morning. Seriously, I haven't got in a conversation witb someone, a complete stranger I only met through the Internet, about that pictured beautiful place for a while already. I thought I would forget about it but failed to do so. You can say I kind of miss talking about it.

Some people loves being in crowds to see the fireworks in the air counting down the time of Merdeka while people like me prefer to stay at home. I had my own version of Merdeka myself. Just chill around my cosy spot at my crib while breezy cool air makes me want to read some magazine and fall asleep. These days, I rather be an indoor person than going out even on weekends. Too much temptations out there! I was talking about financial. Tempted to shop & dine even more. Call me an anti-social. I've got my own bills to settle. Even going out to the beach is so like a waste because of the rainy season. Ya really.

Overall, it was a nice day for me!
All I need right now is be on my own, myself. For the next couple of months. Until things get back as usual.

But not going to stop blogging though.
Hee :D

lovelove <3

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