Sunday, 10 August 2008

Warm Lazy Sunday + Curry Laksa

I was videoke-ing again till 10 last night. God knows how frequent I did that these days. I think I got everyone annoyed at me singing on top of my lungs already! Heehe ;p

That explains why I was over reluctant to step out of the bed this morning. I was too sleepy, I think I was still dreaming while making breakfast.

But thank God for the warm, did I say warm? What I really meant was it was friggin' HOT, can die wan owh! I bet the temperature was 30++ celcius this morning! My lips cracked & my throat got freakingly dry! Damnit for the hot weather!

Ok, maybe I should not complain. At least I won't get wet cloths every now & then. Hee xD

Anyways, my day was packed with house chores & after church just now, me & siblings went for a lil essential shopping & dinner. Only essential things this time okay? And I mean it. The shopping spree will have to be another day. Plus, The curry laksa I had made me feel alil bloated for the big amount of bowl. Which is why I am so sleepy already.

Maybe I should stopped blogging about how my day goes by cause you probably won't read my nonsense craps. Or maybe cause I just want to avoid talking something personal. Just maybe.




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