Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Hey there! :)

I'm here again. Haven't been updating that much did I? Heehe ;p

I have been constantly busy around. Life's ordinary. Nothing exciting anymore. Just plain & boring. Typical. Boohoo. What to do, guess that's life. Welcome back to reality. Huhu.

I was not feeling well the whole day on Sunday. Haven't been sick that much. I had to stay in bed. I didn't have the appetite to eat till today. Which in another way is a good thing for me as I'm trying to shed out my pounding weight. I honestly think I really need to workout. Seriously, Help Me! Haha ;p

And just so everyone know, something got me really distracted to update my blog. I have been browsing & going through updates on online boutique and international fashion blogs. Yes, I've got really addicted at it. Just a peek though. The same situation where you went window shopping at malls but I still prefer doing it at home, my comfort zone. At least I can control myself from buying. I am proud of myself cause yeah, I could resist and not have a hole in my pocket after that.

Hee XD

Oh, well....I guess I won't be updating that often, frequent anymore.
Going to let things a real slow, go with the flow,
and see where the phase of life leads me.

Thank you for a day of holiday for Sabah! Spending the rest of it with a beautiful dream tonight! Hope so! :)

lovelove <3

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