Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Here comes Syawal

The day is over. The Ramadhan month has ended for the Muslims. That is when Syawal comes along. No more food bazaar during evenings before breaking fast. Time for a celebration after fasting for almost a month.

I might not fast or anything but....
Being Malaysian & part of my relatives are Muslim, I felt the joy, festive & holiday mood every time too! Time to balik kampung and eat rendang ! And not to mention, gain some weight also. Eh, I want duit raya can? Hee :)

For this...
I would like to wish friends, Muslim relatives and everyone
scattered around the globe a.....

Have a Great Time & Be Safe Especially On the Road aights? ;)
lovelove <3

Something for Raya....

Which also reminds me that a beginning of a new month is here again!
I was awaken by a sudden.

Where the Chemical Romance sings ,
"Wake me up when September ends...."

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