Saturday, 13 September 2008

Insecured & A Bday Wish

Something got me a bit insecure since that scary incident happened. As matter of fact, it got me worried like hell ! Thinking about it makes me don't even want to go to sleep at night. There are like millions of what ifs on my mind at this particular moment. I just hope and pray that each everyone & everything will be guarded safe and nothing will do harm under His hands. I believe God's protection for us.

I was feeling tired from all the lack of sleep last night.
But I managed to get hold of it and dragged my ass off to work this morning.
Lazy Saturdays! Wishing that no working day on a Saturday still.
Hot busy day today.

This might be a not too long post again. ;p


Just thought it's a must for me to blog today cause.....
it's my tall EstrangedDrummer friend,
AzwinAndy's Birthday!

I miss this! Andy & I wearing Green.
(This was the day Hanafi got me in the VIP Stage for free. Boo you lame security guard!
Ok, ok gotta stop being mean now! Hahaha ;p)

Sent him an SMS this morning & only got his reply in the late afternoon.
What lah ! Hahaha ;p
Must be exhausted from working late.
I can't wait for their new album. Yang Pernah rocks!
Heehe ;)

lovelove <3

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evon.nove said...

it was andy's bday.