Saturday, 27 September 2008

Thus will 'remain unknown'...

....till I get my hands on this album!

Awesome-ness on the cover right?

I absolutely <3 it!

For those who didn't know already, those who subscribed their updated news on & Estranged fans will surely know by now.....

Yes guys! The band Estranged from Malaysia will be releasing their much awaited second album on the 13th of October 2008. There will be 13 tracks altogether including their upcoming single, 'Aurora' . There will be both Malay & English tracks. Mark down your calendar now & grab your own copy when it's out in stores! Only the original ones aights? ;)

Ooh, talking about it makes me a lil wee excited . I so can't wait to purchase one for myself! Wish I could be at Starbucks on the 17th October performance in Sunway Pyramid! Sigh :( Might as well watch it on tv then. Sigh again.

Dear Estranged.....

Can I get a personalize autographed album
like the picture above like before again?
Pweeettyyyy Puh-leaseeeee?

Teehee ;p

Till then, enjoy this latest video clip by Estranged.
I personally love this one too! :)

Estranged - Yang Pernah

Gotta catch my sleep now.
lovelove <3


evon.nove said...

they have a song titled Aurora which rhymes with your name. how cool is that girl. haha. i hate you already. :p.


Eudora said...

haha. coincidence,coincidence. wish they'd change it to my name instead. heehe ;p