Sunday, 9 November 2008

25.10.08 : Mimi & Ea Wei's Wedding Reception

Weeks ago, I've got a morning rushed as I got to go to work that morning and rushed home to change for Patriana and Ea Wei's wedding reception held in Shangrila Tg. Aru Resort here in Kota Kinabalu. Patriana whom I refer to as Mimi since I was a kid, is actually my 2nd cousin from her dad's side, my mother's 1st cousin.

I didn't know that Mimi is going to get married cause she was away in Kuala Lumpur about few years already & we seldom get to see each other too. Yes, that is not until I stumbled upon Anna-Rina's the Sabahan Wedding Photographer based in KL photo blog. Fast forward after Mimi's registry of marriage, church wedding and their reception in KL, Mimi's dad informed my mother about the wedding reception invitation. Since dad was not around, I was delighted to be there.

As expected we were just in time. We were among the last people to go in since it was a bit late, drizzling and could not get a parking. I'm just glad that they did not go for the garden wedding reception as it was a rainy season.

Here are some random shots that day.


Of Golden & Sweet Pink!


Menu For The Day

Sitted at my table, I was getting warm from the cold
enjoying my red wine and a traditional Lihing,
a rice wine soup mixed with chicken.


Hot Dishes in Dome variety on my plate


One of my favourite!
Mango Pudding with Pomelo Segments & Coconut Cream


The beautiful newly-wed couple & their family members
Mimi has always had that sweet smile. :)


While everyone is busy focusing on the bride & groom,
I have decided to turn a different and snapped this....

" Hey, Anna ! "

Anna-Rina caught in action.
She was arranging everyone to be in the position & ready I think.
Hee ;p


Mimi asking her husband to look at the camera.

Mimi & Ea Wei in their beautiful Papar's Dusun &
Tuaran's Dusun-Lotud traditional costume.


I've been a silent reader for quite some time already and
I did not want to miss the opportunity of taking picture with her too.
Anna-Rina the photographer & I
Ooh, she is so fit ! Any tips for me Anna ? ;)


Cakes & Decors


Twas a beautiful wedding reception filled with so much love, joy & happiness
shared among closed friends and family members.
May God Bless both Patriana & Ea Wei to have happy marriage
and beautiful babies to come! Heehe ;)

Congrats Once Again!

With Lots of Love


Anna-Rina said...

Thanks for the blog plug Eudora. Much appreciated :)

And thanks too for the behind the scenes pics. Hehehe...might nick it from your blog for when I blog about Pat and Ea Wei's wedding.

Have a nice day ahead and see you again soon!

Eudora said...

My pleasure Anna !
Sure just go ahead. Heehe ;)
You have a nice day too!