Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Looks & Spoke

Sometimes I always wonder how and what culture do I actually look like. People I came across to some say I look like a Chinese, a Malay and even a Filipino. And people always say that my full name sound like some what in between an Indian and a Filipino name. And while I was in the office this morning, a man came in and talk to me in Chinese even when I spoke to him in Malay. Another incident. Yet again. I'm not suprised. It happened all the time. What the? Haha ;p

But being Asian, I guess people will not exactly know the difference.
After all we do look alike, no?


It was raining again the whole day. Been 2 days now. Even Vietnam is flooded. Saw it in the news. And to help us all get rid of rainy-lazy-mode , My colleagues & I has been discussing about languages just now. How hard & easy to learn certain language. We even tried talking different types of Asian languages. Chinese, Thai, Tagalog and Kadazan to be exact. Heehe. It was fun! :)


I'm getting so lazy and it's not good.
Busy is yet another word for work.

And not to mention missing a lot of people too.
Yes, ALOT.
Should I mention who?
Maybe some other time. :D

lovelove <3

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