Sunday, 21 March 2010

170310 : Grandpa & Mum's Bday

Last Wednesday, my family and I celebrated mum's and grandpa's birthday at Ocean Seafood Restaurant. We had so much food on the table, I swear that was the day I got so bloated. I didn't even ate rice!

Since I am just too lazy and well having a really bad cough & sore throat kills me, here's a some pictures to share what happened that day.

(Note: Food Pictures below! If you're HUNGRY, DO NOT PROCEED! You have been warned! Hahaha :p )
Seated at a typical chinese table with the tea and chopsticks.
Love that purple table cloth! :)

Family members waiting to eat....

Assorted Dishes in a Plate
But my favourite will have to be the jellyfish! :)

Soup of the Day

Fish With Turmeric Sauce and the Crab plate at the other side

Some kind of seafood cooked with ginger

Prawns cooked in two different ways

The Birthday Cake

The Kids get really excited when it comes to cake and candles! :D

My adorable niece and cousin,
Madeline & Ayra Grace

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