Sunday, 6 June 2010

When I got you....

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The search is over when I got you off the magazine rack at the book store! I finally got my hands on the Cleo Malaysia magazine June issue few days ago! Gorgeous Amanda Seyfried in on the cover. Love the movie 'Dear John' she played on with Channing Tatum! I want her lovely set of eyes!

And oh, did I told you that this month's issue comes with a free gift of travel-size bottle Colgate Plax Peppermint flavoured? For long lasting fresh breath definitely. Just make sure you girls asked the magazine vendor if it's not attached to the magazine, okay? Hee :)

And the best part is, Amir Millson the Cleo Malaysia Most Eligible Bachelor 2010 has 3 pages spread all about him! Whee! Love it, love it! And there is also few pages full of pictures of what has happened during the bash. With lot's and lot's of yummylicious shots of the other 49 bachelors as well. At least the unfortunate one's like me who did not get to witness the event had an idea what's going on that night.

Who want's to be left out right?
Certainly not me, not me! :D

Want to see more of the inside content?
Grab your own copy and get a piece of Amir Millson now! (Oh well, in a coloured paper that is! heehe :P)

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