Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I miss World Cup!

No more late nights, no more bugging friends on early mornings.

The last prediction of the now retired Paul the Octopus telling us that Spain will win is true after all. The bird can go back being normal. As Netherlands supporters went home disappointed.

On the last game, was feeling really sleepy plus it was really boring to be honest but what the heck I stayed up for Spain's sake. After endless yellow and red cards and no goals to be seen, I was overjoyed when ANDRES INIESTA of SPAIN scored a goal. It was during extra time and thank goodness for no penalties!

Viva la Espana! First time in the finals and they won!
It was so worth it to be watching and I didn't even skipped work because of it.

Well done boys! :)

Now that it's over, it's now back to serious matter and business.
I know it's been like 2-3 days or so?

I'm starting to feel a little sad.
Boys and their sweats, and balls too.
Oh, I did not mean to sound dirty here!
Haha :P

Okay, okay I admit....
I just miss World Cup!

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