Sunday, 8 August 2010

Look, I think I have turned into a movie junkie!

The past weeks has been great.

Despite the broken camera. And the unavoidable circumstances. Shit happens. About the thing some real friends think I should be voicing out rather than just keep my mouth shut. But I prefer not to. Say whatever you want to say. I have nothing against it. I make peace, say no to war. No matter how angry I am, maybe it is best to just let go and be it. Control the anger. *takes a deep breath* What goes around, comes around. Karma baby! :)

Oh well, oh well.....

Ever since the new shopping mall hit nearby my place/ area and not to mention there's errr what you call cinema, I have somewhat turned into a regular movie-goer. I was not a fanatic movie fan before. Trust me. Think I have said this last time. Yeah thanks to my awesome movie buddies! Heehe :p

There is like tons of latest movie I have been watching at the movie. The Killers & Karate Kid...At home as well. I can't even remember the first movie I saw at the new cinema. Can you believe it? Where do I even start what movie?


I am not that sure how I should describe this movie. Judging through the first series of Twilight and the second one New Moon, the character Jacob proved to be stronger than Edward the lead Cullen. Despite the hot hunky & tanned body of Jacob, I love Edward's eyes, still do. Movie wise...Compared to the second one, this time it's getting a whole lot cheesy and mushy. Some people may like it, but too much makes me puke. I may like lovey-dovey thingy but still prefer if there's balance to it with actions.

2.Knight & Day

I love this movie! I somehow feel like I've been travelling a lot just by watching. Action packed with a lil romance in between. I enjoyed Cameron Diaz character same as she is bubbly and all while Tom Cruise the serious guy.

Can someone drug me and bring me to places?
Okay was just kidding! Hee :D


Leonardo Dicaprio is still a heartthrob and good actor till now. With a lil bit of weight gain.
Let's dream shall we?


I don't know how Evelyn Salt live her life as a spy. And to see the love of her life died in the people she trust hands. Angelina Jolie is crazy. Great crazy! Love her action packed own stunts! :)


I know nothing about games. Just played the game for fun. Few times. Fighting scene was awesome. And all I know Jon Foo is hot! The guy who played the character 'Jin Kazama' That's all I know :)

6.The Last Airbender

It's errr...a okay. Not quite a fan. *yawns* Just a....Thank goodness for the good looking man there. Nuff said.

I am so wanting my own karaoke room and a movie theater right now.
What's next? What movie? Hee :D

One last thing, I finally watched 'The Last Song' too! *sniffs*sniffs* Such a cry baby! Haha :P

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