Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eidulfitri 2010, on the first day....

It was Friday and thank goodness for a long weekend.

We were on the road, I think for an hour.
As most of the coffee shops in KK were closed for Eidulfitri, we had a difficult time searching for place to bring cuzzy Els* for breakfast. We finally found a coffee shop and we had to wait to get a seat.

And boy, we were starving!

But it was worth it...

Beaufort chow mein for breakfast! :)


And in the Afternoon/Evening

Since it was the first day of Eidulfitri, like every other year,
it was a day to visit our Muslim relatives at my mum's hometown again. It is the time to reconnect with family members that you don't get to see and meet that often.

Two houses for Hari Raya as usual.
Nyummy food galore!
But I am watching my diet.
Had to really control my food intake.
Another bags full of goodies.

Heavy rain greeted us while chilling outside my relative's resort like crib.
Enjoying my kuih-muih Raya, kerisik, kurma ayam and every juadah that has been served on the table and sipping on the lime drink. This time I didn't really care to snap some pictures cause I was too busy munching on the food, I forgot. Think I almost slept on the lazy chair outisde. Plus the nice weather to sleep and all, I was so stuffed, I can barely walk! Haha :P

Here's something to share for everyone celebrating Eid Mubarak.

I just love the fact that Hanafi from the band Estranged was dancing in this video. I would not know about this video if it wasn't for Reza Salleh's tweet. Heehe :D

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