Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Low and higher

I've been sick again and again.

My body immunity is getting lower each day. I need to gain some power to heal. Missing my daily work out. Maybe I need more rest and sleep. I got to fight my insomnia. Maybe I need more vitamins. Maybe, maybe. Setting up some priority is all I need. Health first before anything else. And the 'it' is important too. Focus! :)

There are some things I'm missing lately....
World Cup 2010. Three stripes. Black and White. Angel. I love Red. Always Red. Us. Ours.
Where did it go? *sigh*

As low as it gets, there are happy things that makes you higher.
I have tons of favourite tunes to listen every night. I'm glad. It's very catchy. Addictive.
Ooh, I wanna dance with somebody! :D

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