Saturday, 16 October 2010

I had dessert without a main course meal

(Backdated blog post)

Date: 19th September 2010
Location: VedaBlu (Only Available in Sabah) , Warisan Square,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Someone might think I'm a bit crazy for having two dessert in a go. It does not even comes with a rice or noodle or even anything else. Pretty unusual for me. I'm serious. *makes a serious expression* Though I always fail with a serious face without making a sheepish grin. Heehe. But this was what I had for dinner. No complains. Just cause I chose this. Those sweetness runs in my blood stream.

The first dessert that came to the table.

I can't quite recall what's it again.
Think it's somewhat a chocolate/tiramisu brownie topped with Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream. It doesn't really taste nice according to my taste bud. It was a-okay. I didn't feel the love. It was bitter sweet memories.
So I'm letting you go.

Then this came.

I love the simplicity of this. I don't need to say much further. Crepe Flavoured With Mango Syrup and Vanilla Rasberry Ice -Cream on top. I have always preferred Vanilla compared to Chocolate unlike everyone else. Something fairly white and light coloured. Just like most close friends will describe me . Maybe it's true what a friend just said to me, it's the pureness. And that's another story to tell.

I found 'the One' that day.

His 'Sweetness' was contented with a sugary smile.

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