Friday, 15 October 2010

Say that you love me?

As I was waiting for my turn to get a haircut last month, I saw this on a local magazine. It was a previous month magazine but what the heck. I got glued. At least on the printed media. It was like love at first sight. 'Christian Bautista, Single, Ready To Mingle & Fall in Love' says on it. One of my favourite Pinoy singer. Almost about 2 years back since my second trip to the Philippines, I purchased his album. Boy, I was hooked to this guy, his music and his good looking face. Who could not resist. I know I don't. I fell in love again! :D

I could not walk away without snapping this picture.
Mind me. He is irresistable.
There's something about Christian B.
Sometimes, I wish he could sing me a song.
A song on my birthday perhaps. Or maybe this song will do since it's a favourite.

Say that you love me?
Wishful thinking. In my so-called dream. :p

More about Christian Bautista :
Christian Bautista's Official Website

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