Sunday, 3 October 2010

To 'Aly & Kate'

I haven't been doing this for so long, I think why not get started for the sake of fun? :)

This is a blog post entry for 'Aly & Kate'.

Given the choice to pick what is my favourite planner/journal? I had a hard time choosing one, like seriously. My favourite planner will be the '7 Days Scheduler' , you know the black one with a camera shaped journal. Yeah the one where you can slot in a picture of you.

Coz it reminds me of my everyday memories inside a camera. Your camera is like a personal journal, what's happening around in your life. What you wrote in it, it's like a memory card. Both are like essentials, a girl best friend that we could not live without.

And my number 1 must have in my wardrobe?

Let me see. Hmm...Colourful or bright colours outfit! Do I even need to have an explaination? For the positive vibes and so it will make a cheerier dull day! :)

I count my lucky stars if I could randomly win this! Hee :D

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maslight said...

That camera thing is cuteness :)

Eudora said...

@Maslight: Cute kan? So tempted to buy! Hee :D