Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Karamunsing Complex's Sunday Fiesta

17th October 2010

It was our last flea market.
And just in case you didn't noticed, we, the cousin and me & my siblings have started an online store together. It was a hot Sunday and Kuya Alfie had to missed it because of some reason. The place was lil dirty and dusty and it was not that suitable in my honest opinion. I still prefer air-conditioned ones. But I did have fun none the less.

Was so hungry during that time, I asked my sis to buy me lunch, as I couldn't wait for my friend Jo to come to my booth. Had Korean noodle. And when he finally came from his lunch break, he bought me 'MingoMingo' vanilla & chocolate ice cream instead while multi tasking chit-chatting & looking after the booth. Heehe :D

All in all sales was pretty good and it was good seeing familiar faces at the same place at once. I was also touched by those who came and who were very supportive during our flea market times especially loved ones and close friends. Thank you! Much appreciated! *hugs*

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