Monday, 27 December 2010

I am a Fruit Monster

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......probably not!

The siblings & cousins have ditched 'Frenz' these days.

'Fruit Monster' has been our new hang-out place. We found a perfect eatery since some of us is on a healthy diet plan. Not that it's bad, seriously think it's good for everyone. More vegetables, more fruits, more juices and less oily food. We want to look good in a nice figure and it's all about getting fit and healthy for a better year ahead.

Oh nope, I am not the one who's on diet.
I love my food too much. But it does not mean I ain't controlling my meal intake.

This is how the place looks like.
It's not a fancy place but good enough to have a conversation
(when there's less people in it though) while having dinner.

My cuzzy sister's colourful salad.

Brother's -the I don't know what it's called meal- but looks really yummy tho'!
And oh my goodness, the portion was huge!
If only I could remember what's it called.

My Lamb Teppanyaki
That made me happy that night.

Fruit Monster
is located in Lintas area,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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