Saturday, 8 January 2011

8th day of 2011, open letter to u!

Hey stranger,

Been awhile since I've last updated.

It's been 8 days since we've left 2010. Somebody got to pinch my chubby cheeks and bring me back to reality. Coz I've been having too much sweet dreams lately I guess. I refused to wake up! This might be the effect of having a lot of cookies, cupcakes and more food. Oh man, think I got bloated for the New Year's Eve & last Christmas parties. And there is still Chinese New Year to come. Help me! Heehe :D But I'm glad that 2011 has been so far, so good for me.

After waiting for quite sometime, I finally received the Christmas Giveaway card I got to know from . Loving the photo card I asked Stanley of to choose randomly for me! In that photo there was a man actually leaning on a wall with his two dogs. Stanley, as if you knew I love dogs. How coincidence! Maybe you can read my mind! Haha :P

Thank you Stanley!

Even if I got it after Christmas.

But still....

For making the time & effort to send free Christmas cards to everyone.
It's getting rare these days. Where have all the sweet & nice gesture gone sending people real cards instead of e-greetings ? It's a sad thing people don't quite do this anymore.
Which reminds me of my one last Christmas card before this was in 2009.

My card & I

I guess that's it from me for now.

Happy New Year 2011 !


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