Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stageless and unexpected...

I have always wanted to attend an acoustic night event but never really get the chance to. So last night I did. Thanks to my younger brother. Since I have no idea there was one.

I really enjoyed myself watching the performance and ended up with this status :

"Can't believe I saw Jin Hackman just now! Vanilla Affogato is ♥ and STAGELESS @ STARBUCKS presented by BANDWIDTH MAG tonight was amazing! ^_^"

I could not believe my eyes with the special appearance!
And Vandal & Nadhira were there too! :D

What a night fill with excitement! whee!

Oh, oh how could I forget all about this, not intentionally though coz someone's playing & I won't be there! *sigh* Thinking about it makes me want to be at two places at once but oh well,oh well...maybe next time.

Here's another Starbucks event to look forward to which is
WHAT WE AIM FOR music fest 2011 (by CLEF TREBLE )

Anyways, if you're like me, a Sabahan or staying in Kota Kinabalu & absolutely
♥ watching local bands perform, do come & support them! Please be my eyes and ears while I go feasting with the nature. Heehe :)

Pretty please do that for me.

Friday, 18 February 2011

My Chinese Valentine ♥ Dinner

Went home early yesterday because we were given 2 hours leave. Had my half an hour nap before going to Menggatal for Chap Goh Mei cause I was so damn sleepy. I never really have a Chap Goh Mei celebration those previous years. And yesterday was my very first. And also, I learn how to play cards which is way out of league but I decided to join anyway. I lost most of the time but all the excitement and the company of great people around makes it even fun! Obviously, I was laughing the whole time, hilarious! Bonding time to know them even more better. Fireworks were loud as if they were war going on with lots of bombing. Great companion would not be complete without good food. I absolutely ♥ dinner party with home-cooked meals plus there's bak kut teh too! Oh yes, my favourite! ^_^

Sorry for the short update.
Just want to share how my Chinese Valentine ♥ Dinner went.

my last of Chinese New Year was awesome...
Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!

How was yours?
Hope you enjoyed it as I am. ;)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

...And just cause it is a chill and relaxing Tuesday

Sun shiny morning, having Kuching Laksa & tea for breakfast & Singing Oldies song is ♥ . Somehow feeling that it's extra hot today. It's a okay. I miss you, your warmth! Oh, 'Sunshine' ! Burn, burn, burn....Better than gloomy days at times. It kinda feels like it's a weekend, like a Sunday morning. It's a public holi, holi, holiday! Can you feel me? ^_^

Today's outfit goes something like this:

With just a sling bag, wearing a short pant, my favourite tee and a pair of Havaianas+Channel V limited edition flip flops. And minimal make-up to go with.

Yes, I am that simple.
And just cause it is a chill and relaxing Tuesday. ;)

Monday, 14 February 2011

It is all about ♥ !

I have never have doubt in it, or lost faith in it. Even when there is no perfection so far my eyes see it. No matter how much obstacles, through the darkness & light, we have to faced it. Could the distance breaks it down? Trust & loyalty, could I count on you? If it gets too perfect, it's no longer a challenge. In honesty, the willingness to take the risk, let's make it happened by taking the chances. It might be it, we would never know. Maybe it is worth it. Hold on to it together, it takes time, a firm believer in it's existence still.

People, young and old,♥ ones, friends & family and strangers as well. Those who are near, far and those we seldom get to meet in our daily lives. I dedicate all those ♥ notes and words, songs that can make your happy go lucky days, sprinkle & spread it with a smile, full of sincerity.

Short ♥ note updated on my social networking profile, just for you...

"Oceans apart but remains closer to my heart....Happy Valentine's Day ♥ !

...and this year, I'm spending my night compiling love songs dedication! heehe ;)

Monday, 7 February 2011

That week long CNY agenda....

Should I count myself lucky when everyone is hesitating to get off from bed, rushing out to work while I'm still on my Chinese New Year holiday? Maybe I should. I still have like few hours left till tomorrow. But at least I could skipped & escaped the Monday blues right? :)

Since I haven't been blogging lately, excuse me. I have tons to say it out here. This is going to be a sums up to what happened during my Chinese New Year holidays. It's a bit long, so just bear with it.

Let's start with my weekend on the 29th of January. The cousins started out their journey early on a Saturday. Breakfast was in Tamparuli. Love having my chow mein there! Tamparuli or Tuaran noodle is the best! Someone from that area should cook me that dish. I ain't kidding. Or maybe I should stick to Daddy's Tamparuli/Tuaran noodle instead. Heehe :p So after having breakfast, we continued our long drive to Kundasang, the place where the Mount Kinabalu is located. & finally checked into a resort before getting ready to attend a friend's wedding reception. I was there 2 weeks back, and I've noticed that it was extra breezy & cooler. When we got to the hotel where the luncheon wedding reception was, I wished I wasn't wearing a dress since it was too cold. Damn, we were freezing! But it was all good & I enjoyed myself! So happy to see that a childhood finally tied the knot.

Later that evening, we had a mini photo-shooting at the resort we were staying. But the weather did not help that much. It started drizzling. The mist was too thick. It continued to rained the next morning left our hearts going home with a sigh.

That doesn't mean we had a bad time. It was an awesome karaoke session after dinner. And that night ended with 'Wonderful Tonight'.

30th of January 2011

Arrived home from Kundasang that late afternoon and immediately knocked down, yeah, we were all so tired from the late night we had. Had the longest nap ever before getting ready to Baby Will's fullmoon, my first White Kadazan nephew, in Mayflower Restaurant with the whole family later that night.

31st January 2011

Pre -Chinese New Year family gathering at my grandparent's place. Lots of ang pows makes me happy! This is the time I'm glad I'm not married yet. Might as well enjoy while it last before it's my turn to give out ang pows in the future. Heehe :p

2nd February 2011

Mini Chinese New Year gathering at my parent's place. Home-cooked dishes & potluck. Karaoke sessions. Dancing in the moonlight. The 'fire crackers' night. Awesome. My bonding time with lil cousin Ayra, we got to play our own 'pillow' game. Feels like a kid again... ;)

4th February 2011

Second day of Chinese New Year.

First off to Coffee Bean, then Inanam's Giant, then Menggatal town and finally Chinese New Year dinner party at Lot 100, Aunty Lolly's place. It was my very first time here. Love her cosy English-style small house & the home-cooked meal was delicious! I simply love the stew the most, yummy! And what a nice night to just chill with the kids watching Hachiko on Astro, snacking CNY goodies & drinking Heineken while the others were busy playing gin rummy...And did I forgot about the guys busy with their guitars outside too? Haha :P

6th February 2011

Attended Aunt Rita & Uncle Marcus 's 41st Wedding Anniversary reception at Grand Port View. So happy to be part of the beautiful occasion. The band, 6ixband did an awesome job as usual & those cute, adorable kids are so talented at such young age! It makes me feel so good to be surrounded with happy-go-lucky people and I love all of them like my own family.

And after the party, I think I had the longest phone conversation ever. OMyGC! It's been awhile. Beat that. Nuff' said.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

And while the cherry blossoms blooming...

....February knocks on my door & said hello!
A lot has been happening since I've left this blog on a hiatus.

I probably break my own record for not updating this blog. Did I just got too distracted? Too occupied? Or what? Maybe I am too attached what's in my heart right now. And the fact that I actually lost a half of last year's precious set of pictures did not help either. I was crushed. Recovering. Trying to accept what can't be undone. No used crying over a spilled milk, honey. What a way to start the year right?

Things didn't get me dampen my spirit though.
Cause I am a happier person today for whatever comes my way.
Thanks to you, who makes my life a better one. You can just leave me in the ocean of happiness. Haha :P

And as this is a season of celebration, while we indulge ourselves with lots of love, food and ang pows, let us not forget the less fortunate today and share whatever we have.

To those who are not on my 'social network' site list, here's wishing you all my lovely faithful readers, which I'm wondering if there is still any.....
Kong Hee Fatt Choi, Xin Nian Kuai Le! Ang pow na lai ! ^_^ May this year of Rabbit starts & ends with lots of ♥ & happiness and prosperity like cherry blossoms blooming, with a renewed fresh inner self and outside too! Could this be my year? Wait for it, just wait! *fingers crossed* Haha :P