Tuesday, 15 February 2011

...And just cause it is a chill and relaxing Tuesday

Sun shiny morning, having Kuching Laksa & tea for breakfast & Singing Oldies song is ♥ . Somehow feeling that it's extra hot today. It's a okay. I miss you, your warmth! Oh, 'Sunshine' ! Burn, burn, burn....Better than gloomy days at times. It kinda feels like it's a weekend, like a Sunday morning. It's a public holi, holi, holiday! Can you feel me? ^_^

Today's outfit goes something like this:

With just a sling bag, wearing a short pant, my favourite tee and a pair of Havaianas+Channel V limited edition flip flops. And minimal make-up to go with.

Yes, I am that simple.
And just cause it is a chill and relaxing Tuesday. ;)

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