Thursday, 3 February 2011

And while the cherry blossoms blooming...

....February knocks on my door & said hello!
A lot has been happening since I've left this blog on a hiatus.

I probably break my own record for not updating this blog. Did I just got too distracted? Too occupied? Or what? Maybe I am too attached what's in my heart right now. And the fact that I actually lost a half of last year's precious set of pictures did not help either. I was crushed. Recovering. Trying to accept what can't be undone. No used crying over a spilled milk, honey. What a way to start the year right?

Things didn't get me dampen my spirit though.
Cause I am a happier person today for whatever comes my way.
Thanks to you, who makes my life a better one. You can just leave me in the ocean of happiness. Haha :P

And as this is a season of celebration, while we indulge ourselves with lots of love, food and ang pows, let us not forget the less fortunate today and share whatever we have.

To those who are not on my 'social network' site list, here's wishing you all my lovely faithful readers, which I'm wondering if there is still any.....
Kong Hee Fatt Choi, Xin Nian Kuai Le! Ang pow na lai ! ^_^ May this year of Rabbit starts & ends with lots of ♥ & happiness and prosperity like cherry blossoms blooming, with a renewed fresh inner self and outside too! Could this be my year? Wait for it, just wait! *fingers crossed* Haha :P

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