Monday, 14 February 2011

It is all about ♥ !

I have never have doubt in it, or lost faith in it. Even when there is no perfection so far my eyes see it. No matter how much obstacles, through the darkness & light, we have to faced it. Could the distance breaks it down? Trust & loyalty, could I count on you? If it gets too perfect, it's no longer a challenge. In honesty, the willingness to take the risk, let's make it happened by taking the chances. It might be it, we would never know. Maybe it is worth it. Hold on to it together, it takes time, a firm believer in it's existence still.

People, young and old,♥ ones, friends & family and strangers as well. Those who are near, far and those we seldom get to meet in our daily lives. I dedicate all those ♥ notes and words, songs that can make your happy go lucky days, sprinkle & spread it with a smile, full of sincerity.

Short ♥ note updated on my social networking profile, just for you...

"Oceans apart but remains closer to my heart....Happy Valentine's Day ♥ !

...and this year, I'm spending my night compiling love songs dedication! heehe ;)

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