Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This particular one, I've missed you....

It felt so good, I could not deny it. This day, today, could not be any better. Like an old friend reunited, that has not been in contact for ages, met in a foreign land. Fixed where broken heartaches were mend. Haters are not forever. Strangers became lovers in love, eventually. And some of the thing's we wanted so bad before has become memories, we never thought would.

Wednesday like this are not ordinary.
I'm sick, it's true. But those jokes & laughter's made were so infectious!
It is truly the best medicine I had in awhile. I don't mind having this as a daily dosage of drugs. Yeah, like seriously!

Meh! Heehe :P

O, the late night conversation like this.
This particular one.
I've missed you.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Maybe coz I'm wearing a 'I ♥ Roma' t-shirt...

Different. Why does it seems to be different today? Casuality. Too much. With no make-up on. The phone kept ringing at work. A bit annoyed. Though a whole day of freedom some what makes me happy but it doesn't quite sync in. Maybe coz sunshine's not here.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day.
A whole new day would be different but better than today.
Will see.

Maybe coz I'm wearing a 'I ♥ Roma' t-shirt...
Feeling like going on vacation after the last vacation?
Oh no, I don't think so.

Ask me anything

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 1 : Arrival at Clark/ Angeles City 220211

Just arrived from the Clark airport & took the hotel coach to Marlim Mansion's. Had a quick settling and took the jeepney. Missing those cheap fast food in the Philippines already!

'What we ate at the food court'
Day 1 at SM Clark

and lot's more! :)

Photo : Blogger's Own

Friday, 18 March 2011

I just call to say I ♥ @xtianbautista

16th March 2011

It was a typical day for me. As I was surfing the net as usual that night, I came across this interesting thing that caught my eye. There was a live on UStream session that guest starred Christian Bautista. So since I was quite free and had nothing to do after a hard day's at work, I log into my UStream account to participate in that live chat.

That session was...."Good Times With Mo : The Podcast".

The session has already started when I tuned in. And obviously, everyone was chatting in Taglish (Tagalog and English) there. And they were talking Taglish on air as well. People from overseas started calling in and most of them were Pinoys. But I could not help myself to not call myself. So I asked everyone for the number to call. And everyone was friendly enough to give me. That's when I got the itch to grabbed my cellphone and started dialling an international number.

I've dialled and dialled.
But I did not get through. I didn't gave up though.
I was crazy enough to wait till it's almost my 20th attempt.
Wasn't expecting that much since it was an out of country destination.

But I got through!

I had to wait like 5 minutes till the DJ put me on air. Boy,was so nervous cause it was actually my first time live on podcast! Listening back to the podcast right now on itunes (I'm on Episode 46 : International balladeer Christian Bautista guest co-hosts in this episode of the podcast. Christian speaks to some of his international fans who called the show and even talks about his vow to stay pure before getting married.) , I could hardly hear my voice! Think I got too much nervous system on my body! But I get to talk to Christian Bautista and when I asked to sing me a Tagalog song ,heard him sang 'live' to me!

Just before the San Miguel commetcial break....he sang,
"Laging ikaw ng na sa isip ko, ang buhay ko...."

It was so worth it, it was like a dream come true!
Keep me smiling for long hours ^_^

Here's a print screen of the UStream to show you guys :

To know more about Christian Bautista's updates :

Christian Baustista Facebook Page
Christian Bautista on Twitter

Thursday, 10 March 2011

If You Stay

Morning started early and as I looked up the sky, it felt different. Or was it just my sleepy self feeling?

It seems like ages, I know. Today's Thursday and I didn't realize what day today's supposed to be. WhoOps, I forgot about that something. *sigh* But I don't intend to share and talk about it here. Just need to blog and share something else though. Can lah right? Hee :D

Got this from Ate' Pinks and find this Joseph Vincent guy good looking and, and he's talented too. Ahhhhh....what a perfect combo! There's something about you, the guy who plays guitar & can sing! Tell me why am I so attracted to this kind of guy? Tell me....

If You Stay

if only.....hmmmmm.....

Good night dear! ♥

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oh hello March, where has the time gone?

Was there but I couldn't meet them there. Maybe next time guys!

Few days ago, I spent the whole week on a road trip in another country. Our schedule was so packed, it was pretty hectic having to be travelling on the road for hours. But the beautiful scenery and companion made it so well worth it, I actually would not mind doing it all over again. Oh yes, even the 12 hours journey to reach the destination!

Noticed the traffic?
Was on a vacation in the Philippines :)

I'm back home now from a great adventure with a little bit of piece of my heart left there. I'm glad to be with my loved ones, home sweet home even if I'm going to miss the other country so much! *sobs* Will be back soon, I hope.

I wished my Globe number has roaming here!

Oh hello March, where has the time gone?