Sunday, 5 June 2011

Catching rainbows in June

As the days got gloomier and turning even more darker, it doesn't seem to bring her down. Not even a single person could ruined it. Screw you. It only makes her another stronger person. Cause things happened for a reason, whatever happened, happens, and sometimes there's not much we could do about it but learn to accept it. Again & again.

She'll gain the rainbows somehow after rainy days, soon , that she believe.... :)

June just started off awesome with going to the special screening of 'The Girl of Monaco', a French movie brought by the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival 2011 at GSC Suria Sabah Mall, Friday, 3rd June. This is my first time so I have no clue about it but I gotta say that I enjoy every minute of it. The first show was amazing, there were people from the French embassy, media and photographers. We were served wine, cheese and crackers on that day. Dressed in formal as if we were all walking on a red carpet attending Grammy Awards or something. Heehee :D

Oh boy, I fell in ♥ with June already!
And I'm so looking forward to more things to come this month....

Gotta make myself occupied & distract me from the negative vibes. ^_^

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