Saturday, 20 August 2011

Konsert ERA KK : 11062011

This is actually a continuation from the blog post here.

Allow me to give you a lil' tour on what's going on that night with my Rockzone pass I won from our local radio station, KK's 102.4fm.

Was a bit late and missed out Adira's performance.
But thank goodness, I got the Rockzone area just time to watch The Ariez. Some misunderstanding happened at the venue but I wouldn't want to comment much about it. Hope it won't happened again in the future. Thank you very much.

Despite the muddy venue, I am glad I managed to take pictures of The Ariez love while they were performing. That is all that matters to me. I have been to their shows previously but so far, I have to say how much I enjoy their performance & it is one of the best. That day, they were complete as in a band, everyone was there. Missing them as I'm blogging about this. They gave it all out, they definitely rock the stage that night!

And with that 'surprise', I was like, "Omg,omg!" Silently in my heart.
I was impressed. Oh yes, I did.

Anyone who knows me well, will definitely know that I'm not a big fan of Korean & Japanese music or movies. But after a while, listening to Sabahan very own, P.O.P , a pop style group, I've learn to listen 'Beast' Korean songs. Young & talented pop boys.

Fabulous Cat Farish. Love it how he would strike a pose every time, in front of my camera. What a funny man he is. And a nice performance that night.

Jimmy Palikat songs was the most famous sing along that night. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Prove? When me, myself and I & everyone else felt like doing the sumazau dance right on that muddy grass but it was kinda crowded to do so. :P

The legendary Ramli Sarip, the grandfather in the music industry, in my opinion his show was the most heart warming and touching one. Is it just me or am I being too emotional. For a moment, I caught myself stoned. Even if most of his songs was never that familiar to my ears. Wow, what a great effect his music has....

Then there was never a dull moment with this three person. Jaafar Onn, Maya & Abu Bakar Ellah was there to emcee and entertained the crowd. They were hillarious! :)

The second last performance was the most I was looking forward to, besides the Ariez one that is. Because this band was like my very first love. They were the first local Malaysia band that I was loyally supporting until now. All of them are like my own friends. It was great to finally see them perform 'live' again after few years. How I missed them!

You know what? You know you love every bit and pieces of a band when you knew every song they perform & memorize the lyrics. And somehow, you could relate to it.

Rich, Andy, Din & Hanafi, my love for your music will never changed. You guys are still the best cause you rock my socks out! ESTRANGED is love!

Last but not least, the band that made everyone insane. But actually, the vocalist of 'Hujan' was the one every girl there was eyeing on. Correct me if I'm wrong girls. Noh Salleh is a good looking guy if I have to admit, so what do you expect right? If I remembered clearly, crazy things happened that night but it was fun!

And with the guys performance ending the night, it was drizzling but ended with a blast!
For sure!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

17 August 2011

I'm still up at this very moment. Tuning in to some local online radio station. Things I would usually do when there's an interview of a friend's band or local bands that I support. Before this, it would be really rare for me to be listening something like this but I've actually learn to love & enjoy it too.

Okay,done listening, it's midnight & the bed is calling out my name!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Status : 16 August 2011

"I have always believe,
Be kind and humble to everyone,
Because in this world it is not ours alone,
For it is something we share, it is yours & mine."

Eudora M.M

Friday, 12 August 2011

Tweet of the day : 120811

The way you tweet, it's like it's from the heart, it makes me melt, so what, nothing wrong right? Heehee :D

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 7 : Wildlife Safari Dinner in Clark 280711

When it comes to traveling, my family is always up for good food. Wanting to try some delicacy which are usually not found at our place and country. So as soon as we arrived back in Clark that day, we found this place.

Wildlife Safari Dinner!
As if we were going for an adventure. Complete with those waiter & waitress in Safari costumes! Yes, I love themed dinner eateries. Heehee :D

With a tower of iced lemon tea for the four of us,oh yes,the favourite...thirst quenching! Simply refreshing! Can you sense my excitement here? Okay probably not. Food was filled with porky goodness, I could lick my plate squeaky clean. But it was very filling, I think I got bloated! And I'm not even finished yet. The dessert part was the best of all! Ice-cream & mango bits covered with chocolate. Love it! Do I need to say more? :P

Curious about this place?
Visit 'Congo Grille Official Website'

All Photos shown : Blogger's Own

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dark Street

Young ones, teenagers with raging hormones, listen to this song,
I want to get you out of the dark street, to the place where you could be safe.
Where there's always torch of light to guide your path way.

I found a song that inspires me. It's not easy to find something with a deep meaning, well at least for me, these days. Sometimes, we don't need complicated words to make a great song or lyrics. I think this song is simple. But it's special & soothing to my ears. And an awesome video direction in my eyes. A job well done to the director & all the band members,cast & everyone who are involved!

I could feel something when it comes & written from the heart and I feel through this song.
And guess what, you got the message delivered clearly.
Cause it touches mine.

, Eudora

Check out this song & MV by JON PARADISE !
You'll definitely love them as much as I did :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Just another random tweet of mine.....

.....inspired by local Kota Kinabalu Music Scene.

"It's all about sounds,rhythm and beats these days. Thank u music for making us connected. Loving what surrounds me. I love #KKMusicScene"

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tear Us Apart

Nothing's gonna tear us apart.... ♥

Check em' out guys! Our very own beautiful Nadhira featuring Australian hottie Ron E Jones , he's such a sweetheart...thanks for follow on the other side! xx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

"Whisper those words gently to the ears instead of screaming on top of your lungs...You wouldn't want to lose your precious voice do you? ^__^

Night ♥ ! "

-Eudora Maluna Manggala

Photo of the Day : 4th August 2011

Beef & Potato Stew, Prawns in Tomato Sauce & Vegetable in Oyster Sauce....Home-cooked meal is always the best for buka puasa ! ^_^

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Went through without realization....

"Went through without realization, I often wonder,
As each day passed by, could you at least be any kinder?
Maybe just maybe, perhaps be a lil' bit slower?"
-Eudora Maluna Manggala

You know you're getting older by day when you actually forgot to flip your calendar to the actual month it is. July was too fun and now it came to my head, hit me, that I've managed to fast for 3 days & it's freaking August already!

Here's what I had for 'buka puasa' :

Sorry if this picture makes you hungry :