Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 7 : Wildlife Safari Dinner in Clark 280711

When it comes to traveling, my family is always up for good food. Wanting to try some delicacy which are usually not found at our place and country. So as soon as we arrived back in Clark that day, we found this place.

Wildlife Safari Dinner!
As if we were going for an adventure. Complete with those waiter & waitress in Safari costumes! Yes, I love themed dinner eateries. Heehee :D

With a tower of iced lemon tea for the four of us,oh yes,the favourite...thirst quenching! Simply refreshing! Can you sense my excitement here? Okay probably not. Food was filled with porky goodness, I could lick my plate squeaky clean. But it was very filling, I think I got bloated! And I'm not even finished yet. The dessert part was the best of all! Ice-cream & mango bits covered with chocolate. Love it! Do I need to say more? :P

Curious about this place?
Visit 'Congo Grille Official Website'

All Photos shown : Blogger's Own

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