Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bring Back The Arcade : The Cd


Pebble By The Street, a
personal favourite of mine, by Bring Back The Arcade, used to be one of the songs that made me smile every time it goes on our local English radio station top 10 chart. It's still one though. Singing through my days. Now that it is no longer in the chart, I was happy to know that their other single, Mr & Mrs K is finally in the chart yesterday! Say yeah, to KK Music Scene... Big thumbs up to Eyes & Ears Production! Wheee! :D

About two weeks back, I received the cd that I've pre-ordered from them down at the studio. Now I could play it on repeat,peat,peat,peat,peat...(oops, sorry if I sound too Selena Gomez..haha :P) on the player. Good songs like this will never get me bored. More over when you can feel that you've just been infected by some loving by the songs. Oh yes, I feel the ♥ ! Like it when the rhythm was made just perfect and not too heavy. Fun & loving, the way I would put it in words. Well for me though. I suggest you guys by listening to the cd while staying in on rainy days or chillaxing around with a cup of hot drink on the weekends.

If you are thinking of purchasing one,
There are actually 5 songs in this cd. 2 singles and 3 demos.

Single :
Mr & Mrs K
Pebble By The Street

Demo :
You Fool
Miss Me Dear

Let Me Go

Some of you might have the free sticker along with the autographed cd but I chose to pay extra for a limited edition t-shirt. Just to show them some love & support. Wore it to music class today! :D


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