Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Seafood ♥ @ Hari Peladang Sabah 2011

Some say my love for food is ridiculous, just the amount of the food intake looks scary. It can be over-whelming for this appetite of mine but hey it's not every day I got to eat seafood right? I can be bored with my own cooking too! Hee :D You got to have balance. Self control. Watch out for the high cholesterol.It's killing. No, I don't intend to be a health adviser here, just concern. And maybe a reminder to myself.

So yeah, it was my first time there. Luckily we went there at night. If not, we will have to endure with the crowds and scorching hot weather. Two types of fishe with sambal, clams & eels cooked together with sweet onions & red chillies, hot & spicy gravy. Satisfying meals for dinner. :)

Appetizing. Indeed. You might want to skip your diet by just looking at those pictures! :P

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