Thursday, 20 October 2011

That Sunday... 16th October 2011

Guitar class resume and new chords learned. It is not easy. Was done for the class & decided to sneak peek what's going on next door.

Okay maybe not a peek but more to bother the boss and pick up my BBTA cd & t-shirt. Haha. Went in & saw familiar faces. Edward was recording with his guitar as I interrupt their session. Yes, the 6ixband was there for their JS Project. I've been to the studio for a couple of times already but this was my first time to see how 'live' recording really works!

And I had to stay for awhile just to see Erwin do his voice recording. I've been eyeing on the microphone ever since the boss showed me that day. I know I have no clue about instruments or equipments but Man, it looks super cool. Ooh, hope to try that someday. :D

Since I've been craving for this for awhile now, I decided I spoil myself on a weekend. If you don't know yet, I am a big fan of onion rings. And I prefer the burgers there. Yes, only at Burger King. I don't know what I'd do if they are closed. *touches wood*

It's a late afternoon lunch but I was smiling. :D
I am a happier, less cranky person when I'm with food.

What's new heh?
Another burger adventure next weekend?


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Anonymous said...

ermm...i miss BK :(( i can't even eat durian now :(( *sigh*