Thursday, 10 November 2011

It only just begun....


Blink of an eye.
A new beginning of the no experience.
With a strong passion, I'm willing to take the chance.
I have to say how glad am I for being given this kind of opportunity.
Thank you very much!
It means so much to me. Totally appreciate it.

After a month of waiting, the new issue of BandWidth Magazine is finally out!
My very 1st write-up/interview. And I did mine with Guba.
It was an awesome one & Guba made it even better. :)

I could barely believe that I'm now officially a writer.
Some more for my favourite local magazine.
And I have tons to learn about & I'll keep it going....

Wish me luck aights?


To read, you need to download it online via website:

BandWidth Magazine
Issue 28 - November 2011
Pg. 14 & 15



Anonymous said...

good for u :)) even thou i don't read the magazine but i'm proud of u...keep up the good work n good luck :)

Eudora said...

@Alvira : Thanks! :)