Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bila Cinta ♥

I recognized you as you stood there,
Yes sir, the guy with a brown jacket,
I'm not sure if you are shy just as you've said you were,
But I find you're interesting just like your tweet.

Met this guy in person during #TwtUpKK recently & I have to say that he has this voice to die for! ♥

Bila Cinta ~ Faliq Fahmie ( cover ) from Richado Tawith on Vimeo.

Never once but that night I did, I have no idea who were before,
Till the day I heard you sang,
Like "Omg, this is crazy!"
I just died. That #TwtUpKK crew just did. Literally.
You have killed that innocent petite music lover that night.
Her heart was melted like a butter.

Look what have you done Faliq? :p

Awesome video guys! xx

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