Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Year With Angelina Perete & Roger Wang

I have been sending my contest entry since last December. When I first saw that Breeze Magazine was having this contest, I didn't hesitate to enter and hope that I will win this chance. That shows how much of a fan I am. And to be given the privilege, makes me feel like a dream come true. :)

Just when I thought I was late but thanks to Sabah time, I think I've made it on time.*phew*

With sounds of music with good food & great company for the night. Fans of both Angelina Perete & Roger Wang was given the exclusive chance to sit, dine at the same, front row table with them and see them perform in Bella Italia Restaurant. And I must say that how lucky us fans got ourselves an autographed 'Butterfly Baby' cd single each. It was a great night to meet Roger & his wifey & little Sarah and Angelina & her children too.

We were entertained by Ange's amazing soulful voice & strums of guitar by Roger. And that was my 2nd time watching them performed.

I was one happy person that day because one of my Christmas wish has been granted! Those in my Twitter list will probably noticed. Yes, I tweeted about it. A special new album, autographed just for me that night. Thank you Ange! :)

Most of all thank you Dinz, and thank you Breeze Magazine! Words can't exactly express how much it means to me!

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