Saturday, 14 April 2012

14th April 2012

Holy and Easter week has ended. Another year has passed. More love but a Quiet birthday for me,done. It feels like solemnity. A musician friend has not awake yet.
Every time I see waffles, it reminded me of you. Man, that last conversation on Twitter that we had. Seems surreal right now.


Open up your heart dear you, a reminder to myself too.
Smile cause it's pretty contagious. Filled it, I want it whole and never make it empty. Be yourself, don't ever try to change that. I think I sang awfully right about now but I don't give a damn anyways. With the beats of happiness, it can make me dance.

Risk I am hoping to take, hopefully someday I'll be thankful,
received it with wide open arms if it comes with hundred folds

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