Thursday, 5 April 2012

4th April 2012

Bao Jian Tang's Pork Slice Porridge for dinner & another spontaneous visit to Eyes and Ears Production. This time Practical Boi Clair of JP was in! The dude, Mr. Decipher_BKI was too busy recording. I came at a perfect timing with the band Dang Bandangs greeting me! Michelle and the guys were recording their vocals. It was pretty hilarious with everyone around. Cwazy-ness I tell you! :p

And guess what?
Yours truly were the victim of that weevil evil Red Sofa. Dang, true story. I almost didn't want to get up from that sofa. Attached, I almost slept on it too. Still my favourite place to chill with great music and company.

I'd say this AGAIN
Till the next time :D

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