Friday, 25 May 2012

Studio time again!

Down at Eyes and Ears Production again. This time around, it's for my latest purchase that came from KL.Yipee! Kon Lau Mien with Wun tun soup for late night dinner, nyums! Wanted to drag the boss along but he already had one,so yeah.Unexpected as I didn't know that the JADE Sisters and Beverly Rachel were having rehearsals for Appy's Debut EP Launch tonight.It's always nice to see the girls around again. It's like having sisters on the musical them sing. And bugging the boss what's going on in #KKMusicScene and his mixer & MacBook too. I let him made me stayed up way past my bedtime too! Yikes!

 Always in the studio makes me wonder how it's like to be a singer. Or a backup vocal will do? But who am I to sing anyway? I'm just a closet bathroom singer who knows nothing about a good voicing :p 


Okay, that's it....
3 a.m I'm off to bed.

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