Friday, 7 September 2012

RockFest Marathon '12 Part I

Some say it's better late than never right? :)

After months of knowing that this event is going to happened, 
even before a lot of people, the overwhelming excitement during last July has ended.

 I was honestly disappointed that 'a favourite band' did not make it to KK for this event. But I was never the less very happy to finally meet Pop Shuvit, Love Me Butch and Deja Voodoo Spell band. It was a long day, I was pumped up with energy despite rain and shine. It was good to rock once more!

Here's a black & white shots of random music people that day :

From top : The band 4.A.G, smiling faces of JD PopShuvit & Decipher_BKI , 
a female vocalist from a local band and two below were the pictures of another band, The Ariez.

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