Saturday, 13 October 2012

13th October 2012

Before going to work on a Saturday, on rare occasion. Breakfast with the family without my not so little brother at Taman Khidmat's Mee Sup Pipin.

Late afternoon, lunching with the ladies at Bella Italia Ristorante.
It was a good deal for a 3 course meal.

We served light vegetable salad and cream potato soup as a starter.
And a nice jar of iced lemon tea, our thirst quencher.

 For main course, we had chicken with mashed potato and mix vegetables & my favourite roasted lamb with roasted potato and mix vegetables as well. It was delicious but the only thing I need to complain is that the vegetables are not fresh and could have been tastier.

In between meals, chats and what's , I got a little bored waiting for dessert to come and ended up with this, playing with that red crayon on the table.

Sweet & Sour mango sauce on top of soft pancake filled with diced mangoes.
I smell nothing much but satisfaction in my tummy. 

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