Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Weekend Getaway (Pt 1) 241112

My Saturday at work was cut short with a much needed road trip in the afternoon. With having brunch at Tamparuli, and hours later I found myself  admiring this view from up hill in Kundasang.

I wouldn't really recommend this place called Wind Paradise.
Not worth it. But it's somehow a good experience to sleep under the roof of a Mongolian hut like.

Late afternoon at Desa Cattle Farm, weather's looking mighty fine. 
Milks and grass, Cows and Goats feeding time. 

Crowded farm didn't make it the least favourite visit. I was more distracted by those cloudy skies and rainbow from afar. Double rainbow to be exact. Feeling so ever colourful that day. There's nothing like having popcorn and fresh milk for the carton on a slightly cold weekend.

It's an awesome feeling to be back here again. Went and check out some quite new places to stay.
Capture some spectacular scenery hopefully we could treasure for a long time. We already have the next resort we planning to stay in our next visit. It was fun going around just chilling.

 So much jokes & laughter, dinner time
And Puncak Borneo Resort's Special Fried Rice for the hungry & freezing me :)

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