Thursday, 29 November 2012

Weekend Getaway (Pt 2) 241112

Early morning, breezy weather. I love waking up to this misty clouds. I had a hard time dragging myself for a quick breakfast. I hate to leave you this kinda-for-me-still-early , dear Kundasang.
Oh this fresh feeling I wish you were always near.

From the Ranau road to Tambunan, off for a pit-stop to have breakfast at my favourite place. 
You would see this familiar Mat Salleh warrior statue every time you are in Tambunan small town. What to eat here? I always go for 'Mihun Soup' with mix ingredients that goes well with traditional local delicacy, 'tuhau'. That if I'm not having my Chinese mix rice.

After Tambunan, we headed to long smooth road of the now more developed town of Keningau. I didn't took any picture but we hang out to check their only mall for a bit. Not bad at all. I think I could live here. Heehee.  

And later on, we proceeded to the Crocker Range route . Another misty clouds on the way down Kimanis road. It was so green there, I love the view!

Durian galore by most of the road side,
It drizzled and then it rained heavily on the way home.

Awesome trip, I want to get away again! 

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