Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mini Weekend Getaway Pt.1 01122012

It's another working Saturday and it won't hurt to insert a mini weekend getaway in it.Upon checking in...A long evening walk. Chilling by the sea, watching sunset in shorts. Windy breeze, deep waters of the sea, let it flows and sail us away from the pollutions of the city. Not quite away from home. But such a pleasure to have this gift.

Christmas songs down at the The Pacific Sutera lobby lounge while waiting to go dinner.
 Spicy Thai food for dinner at Sino-Thai Resto & Bar.
And a drive to The Muffinz Deli Cafe' in Magelllan Sutera Harbour 
for a colourful dessert. Too suhweet for words! :)

Room Sweet Room for a good night sleep :D

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